Sunday, 14 February 2016

How to Disable AdBlock

AdBlock is an Internet browser extension that blocks and prevent advertisements from showing up on websites. AdBlock is currently available in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and a few other browsers. Disable AdBlock in your browser when you no longer want to use the extension for blocking advertisements. You might also turn it off if it interferes with non-ads.

Here's How To:

1. Open up your chosen web browser to disable Adblock on it. You must disable Adblock individually on each browser you use. Luckily, the process is almost the exact same for every single browser.

  • Make sure that you even have Adblock. It does not come standard with any browser, so unless you downloaded it yourself it shouldn't be there.

 2. Find your browser's "Add-On" or "Extension" section. Adblock is not part of the normal browser software, it is an extension. This means it can be toggled on and off through a specific menu, easily found in every major browser:
  • Firefox: Click on "Tools" → "Add-Ons"
  • Safari: Click on "Edit" → "Preferences" → "Extensions"
  • Chrome: Click the three gray bars in the top-right corner, then "Tools" → "Extensions"
  • Opera: Click on "Tools" → "Extensions"
  • Internet Explorer: Click on "Tools" (may be a small gear icon) → "Manage Add-Ons."

3. Find AdBlock on the list of extensions. The icon is a red stop sign, with the letters ABP in the middle of it. If doesn't appear, be sure to click "Show all Extensions/Add-Ons" from the bottom of the page.

4. Disable Adblock across your entire browser by clicking "Disable." If you want to enable it again, just come back to this same page to turn Adblock on again. Adblock will stay disabled up until you re-enable on this page.
  • Some browsers have check boxes next to the extensions -- simply uncheck the box to disable Adblock if this is the case. Safari has a similar "On/Off" switch.
  • Note that this only disables it for the current browser. If you disable it on Firefox, for example, it must still be disabled manually on Chrome or Safari.

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