Tuesday, 16 February 2016

x264/x265 Video Codecs

Do you have any video with x264 or x265 in its name? Have you ever try playing the video and it looks like it is broken? The video plays but it only plays sounds? Blank screen? or even the system says that the file is corrupted or not supported?

Well, maybe that because you haven't installed the latest or the correct codecs for the video!
I have the same experience with you guys. I also have found the solution. So, I really wanted to share it with you hoping that maybe I could help with your problem.. and also because we also share videos which is encoded by x264 or x265 codecs, maybe one of you readers, have experienced this kind of things.

But not to worry!
Here, we also share the codecs free for you guys. You just have to install the latest K-Lite Codecs pack, restart your computer and you're ready to go!

By the way, you might also find the K-Lite Codecs other than this site but we already search and re-upload it for you to save your extra energy ;)

Just Follow This Simple Steps:
1. Download the Codecs (K-Lite) here
2. Wait until the download is completed
3. Open the files, don't forget to run as administrator
4. When you're given option of installation, just choose default/typical installation and click nextnextnext
5. Wait until the install is finished
6. You might be prompted to restart the computer, restart now.
7. Login back to your computer, and try playing your videos!

Aand.. here's some comparison between them if you're curious..

Thanks for reading aaand..
Enjoy your videos!

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