Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Secret of Grindea

Title: Secret of Grindea
Genre: Action RPG
Game Type: Beta version
Release Date: 2014
Languages: English

Secret of Grindea - gorgeous fantasy Action RPG, similar to the old-fashioned JRPG. Over the past few years Secrets of Grindea is one of the most anticipated indie-RPG, but at home, in Sweden, the game has already received various awards and game won many competitions, and not surprisingly.

Secret of Grindea - can compete with the classic hits of Square Enix. Not without a new-fangled "stuff" - elements of the sandbox. In addition to the main story the player can do just survival - to perform additional tasks, to hunt, to fish, dig, chop, cook, etc.

From the main features should be allocated - character customization, co-op for up to 4 people, strong and thoughtful plot, expanded skill tree without a hard peg to the class, a huge amount of weapons and items, the ability to have a pet (!) and much more.

Every connoisseur of the genre should evaluate this creation, gather your friends and go to the wonderful world Grindea. Certainly must play!

It is a kind of reference to platformers games and simultaneously combines all the advantages of modernity: decent graphics, complex and branched world ... And with the passage of multiplayer and bleeding become really funky! Here you can radically alter your character: his appearance, and military capabilities. Through an extensive skill tree you can accurately control the principles of development of your character!

There are no restrictions, including strict limits in the form of classes. Therefore, freedom of development and diversity "builds" truly endless! Yes, and you can change the appearance also a lot of ways: to create hats and hairstyles, craft equipment and so on. Since the battle system is quite complex and fully-designed, you are encouraged to play together, with three or four friends. Especially in battles with the bosses where you want to develop specific tactics and strategy!

And the story also did not disappoint: slowly unfolding narrative fabric guide you through the deep caves and endless fields dotted with thousands of different monsters from skeletons and ghouls before flying pumpkins-firebrands and slugs mutants. To complete the game to the end you have to hunt and gather resources, craft items and fish!

Dig, chop, cook anything for the sake of survival and progress. Endless side quests increase the gameplay time several times. It is the world Grindea, where achievements and exploits will be immortalized forever on the leaderboard!

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